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    XFBA offers the only indoor "clay" catching training area. XFBA built a training ground that allows the students to hone their skills on the surfaces in which they need to perform in games and provides a "FULL" MLB throwing distance to 2nd base. Designed for beginners to dvanced students. Focuses on proper stance/technique; endurance; blocking; "pop" time; quickness of release; strategy; and field leadership training.

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    Custom wood bats available to be ordered.

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    -(Baseball) XFBA has built the only indoor "clay" MLB designed bullpen; which has two (2) pitching mounds at MLB specification and one (1) at the entry level height for the younger-athletes.

    -(Softball) XFBA also offers three (3) softball mounds in "clay" for a true training experience. XFBA.s Pitching Program is designed to develop the students proper throwing technique; endurance; strength/conditioning; pitching/game strategy; and speed.

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    Baseball specific plyometric area designed to increase speed and strength.

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    Heavy bag strength section designed to increase strength and increase point of conduct and follow through mechanics.

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    XFBA built a small indoor 40" base infield to help educate and train it.s students for their roles in each fielding position. This program will focus on proper receiving/throwing techniques; speed/quickness to react; strategy; and theory. Designed for beginners to advanced situational techniques that will hone their knowledge, accuracy and effectiveness on the field.

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    Catcher.s view of indoor clay bullpen area and "catcher.s pitt."

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    Indoor field divided into hitting tunnels.

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    View of custom designed 40' by 2' instructional hitting cages, complete with PROFESSIONAL Video Analysis System.

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    Batter's view of indoor field.

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    XFBA prides itself on its "Hitting" Program and developed a course that will train the students on the proper stance; swing techniques; strategy and power from the core mechanics to advanced placement hitting techniques. XFBA has incorporated a slow motion video analysis system that is designed to show the students areas of improvement, develop their core mechanics and bat path adjustments.


Factor Philosophy

We are what we repeatedly do. A Commitment to Excellence is not an act but a habit. By learning the proper techniques and fundamentals that Major Leaguers use every day to make them successful, we can take our game to a higher level. We believe in discipline with positive reinforcement in a structured learning environment.


Featuring a 16,000 square foot professionally turfed indoor training facility.

Our Facility Includes:

  • Field
  • Clay Bullpen - Set at youth through professional
  • Catcher's Clay Area - Throwing ability to second (professional distance)
  • Plyometric Baseball/Softball Specific Venue
  • Three Instructional Hitting Cages - MLB state of the art slow motion video analysis.

The X Factor Team has designed innovative techniques to help each individual reach peak performance through:

  • Evaluation, Assessment, Training, Adjustment and Customized Coaching

About Us

The Factor Academy encompasses a variety of professional instructional programs designed to develop the complete baseball/softball player.